Though an ocean wave recedes after a while
It’s never truly gone
Like a warning that may or may not be fulfilled

Pushing you into a limbo
by erasing all the certainties
It waits to hit you again

Nobody knows how long it’d wait
Or may I say how short you’ve got left
Until the next one hits

They’re all the same and yet wildly different
But they’re ocean waves for sure
Far more dangerous than something concluding, like a fire

Those who control them,
are they aware of their influence?
I think not, else they’d stop it,

How do you fight this faceless enemy
Who assumes your own identity
Based on the same reflection that you rely upon

Do you have it in you to fight yourself?
Take a chance with destruction?
Take a chance to differentiate within?

Not everyone hates the waves
Some enjoy the thrill, some even thrive
And for some it’s just a part of life

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