An Individualist

I’m an individualist who knows man is a social animal

I dream of a planet
where all are equal
and have the same mindset

of course, there’s less drama
and yet some friction

for people are different
with no fairytale soulmates

does only drama maketh human
is tragedy a beauty
friction a boon
and are feelings true?

the poetry there, is Sufi
without the belief in God

paintings are realistic
life less surreal
and art isn’t a business

dreams are rich and vivid
but have a clear distinction with reality

possibilities aren’t endless
and math is the religion

they know only anarchy
and for them it brings harmony

fate is flexible
but with a formula
difficult to understand

everything not only ends
but concludes
soon enough to realize

whim isn’t a known word
for emotions are estimable
and work in degrees

the planet is circular
but does not symbolize “what goes around, comes around”
instead denotes the completeness of community

all are equal, similar
and hence
I am the world
and the world is me

(written on 13th April, 2016).

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