How else can I describe her,
Except as the fire within the sun,
The palpability of the air,
And the stillness of the sea

Though I ended up with an unfulfilled desire,
That of being shattered by her rain,
I was lucky to be overwhelmed,
By her enigmatic translucency

If one could break down a storm,
Before the storm breaks one down,
One would find plenty of tranquil moments,
Then who cares if it was before or after

We were a blink in universe’s eyes,
The left & the right occurring at the same time,
Like everything, it had to pass,
For there’s a need to divide life in chapters

Even the two-dimensional silver screen,
Graced by her celestial dreams,
Is nothing but an inanimate mirror,
Where I saw myself, tricked by my own emotion

But I shall have no qualms,
Dropping as a thorn on that touch-me-not-plant,
Which swiftly closed itself,
Never knowing its touch changed my direction

They say, with enough intensity,
Your music can echo on the moon,
Will it revive that cold, lonely desert,
Into the paradise it looks like, from afar?

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